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What are the benefits of sharing power bank advertising machines?

2023-04-21 16:20:34 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

In large shopping malls, train stations, and other halls, we often see large power bank rental machines with advertising screens. Such a machine is called a rental power bank large screen advertising machine, which can be understood as shared power bank + advertising machine=shared power bank advertising machine.

So how did this machine come into being? In the development process of power banks sharing rental, increasing the means of revenue from rental power banks has always been a headache. Previously, when launching a rental power bank machine in a large shopping mall, it was discovered that a large rental power bank cabinet needed to be installed.

sharing power bank

With the recovery of the advertising industry, the cooperation between power bank sharing and advertising machines is becoming increasingly close. The power bank shared advertising machine can not only generate rental income for agents, but also generate advertising revenue, changing the dilemma of only power bank rental income in the shared power bank industry. It also increases the pattern and scale of shared battery power bank cabinets, and more importantly, increases the profitability of shared charging power banks, allowing them to enter higher end and higher traffic venues.

The core of the power bank sharing charger large screen advertising machine is the shared power bank, which requires the use of a shared charging system. Therefore, when purchasing a power bank sharing advertising machine, we still need to find the power bank company. STW power bank shared company provides shared power bank advertising machines. The company currently has a total of 36 and 48 sharing charger power bank advertising machines, which can adapt to various places with high pedestrian traffic. The revenue from shared power bank charger and advertising machines can be 100% distributed to agents, allowing them to quickly make profits.