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Sharing power banks doesn't make money?

2023-04-26 17:00:26 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Sharing power banks doesn't make money? That's because you didn't choose a factory

Two factors that affect the revenue of power banks sharing rental:

1. Machine stability:

Machine hardware failures can directly affect revenue. If there is a malfunction, whether it is a large cabinet or a small cabinet, the user's rental order cannot be completed, which will directly lead to a loss of revenue for the franchisee! Many franchisees are not original manufacturers (looking for factories to contract)! The ability to solve machine failures on your own is limited, and encountering some tricky software and hardware problems takes longer! This is a fatal blow to rental income!

In addition, the failure rate of the machine. Some platform products are basically outsourced, and the quality supervision of the product production process is not strict. After the product was sold to subsequent franchisees, there were endless failures. How can such a company ensure the continuity and stability of its revenue? So you need to find the right company to have sustainable profits

2. After sales issues:

Many companies lack customer service and mostly use official WeChat accounts to help users solve problems. Some companies' customer service hotlines are left unanswered, with no one answering them at all. Meanwhile, some companies have not established a dedicated customer service department to save costs! The lack of after-sales service will greatly reduce the user experience. If you rent a power bank and encounter a machine malfunction or special situation, you go to customer service for help, but there is no response. Finally, if the power bank you rented doesn't come back, your rent will be wasted. Do you think customers will use this brand of power bank next time!

sharing power bank

So for franchisees and users, how important is the stability and after-sales service of the machine!

1. The stability of the machine determines the stability of the income!

2. High quality after-sales service can enhance user experience and long-term benefits!

Therefore, for franchisees who join power banks rental sharing, choosing the appropriate factory is very important. STW power bank sharing company is the source manufacturer of rental power banks. The company has its own factory and software development team. The software and hardware used by the company are independently developed, and the company has software and hardware development patents.