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Sharing power bank for cellphone

2022-03-01 15:14:50 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Sharing power bank for cellphone refers to the charging rental equipment provided by the enterprise. The user can use the mobile device to scan the QR code on the screen of the device to pay the deposit, and then a power bank can be rented. After the power bank is successfully returned, the deposit can be withdrawn and returned to the account at any time.

The borrowing process of the sharing power bank for cellphone can be roughly divided into four steps, scanning the code - registration - payment - lending. Under normal circumstances, the whole process takes less than 3 minutes. The return method is similar to shared bicycles. Users can return them to the nearest location based on the GPS positioning of the charging treasure on the official account platform.

sharing power bank for cellphone

The screen above the device indicates the operation process, cost tips, abnormal answers, usage tutorials and customer service calls. The user opens WeChat or Alipay in the mobile phone to scan the code, and a charging treasure will automatically pop up. Operate and select return on the device, and the mobile phone will immediately receive detailed information including return time, return location, rental duration, cost incurred, etc.

Shared power bank application scenarios

The shared charging treasures on the market can be roughly divided into three categories according to the usage scenarios:

Mobile sharing in mobile mode

1 is mobile sharing in mobile mode, which means "caller technology", which mainly focuses on large scenes; both people and charging equipment can be moved, such as borrowing power banks from A to B, and focusing on large scenes and large equipment, including shopping malls , high-speed railways, railway stations, airports, scenic spots, hospitals and other places with large traffic, a single device can hold dozens of charging treasures.

Mobile sharing in fixed scenarios

2 is mobile sharing in a fixed scenario, which stands for “Street Electric Technology”, which mainly focuses on small scenarios; when people are active near point A, they have the need to borrow a power bank, and they can pay a deposit from a cabinet that is not that big and lend it out. . It mainly focuses on small counters, and the scenes include restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. Generally, there are 6 or 12 charging treasures in a single cabinet.

Fixed sharing in fixed scenarios

3 is a fixed sharing in a fixed scenario, which means "dudu", which focuses on each desktop; the cable machine is integrated, and when there is a shared power bank on the desktop, no deposit is required, and it can be charged directly after scanning the code to pay.

Shared power bank application scenarios

What is the profit model of shared charging treasure?

Compared with some traditional industries, the profit model of shared power bank is very different, which belongs to the Internet plus Internet of Things industry chain at the forefront of technology. For entrepreneurs of shared power banks, it is very important to understand the current market situation and profit model. Today, let's take a look at the profit model of the shared power bank.

Most of the products are a transaction, and you can earn a profit from the price difference when you sell it once, but the shared power bank is not. User payment is a rental model. Although paid, but only for a short-term use rights, the product is still an agent.

Shared power bank

Repeated lease, continuous profit. According to the current service life of most charging treasures, there is no problem in repeatedly renting about 300 times, so the main profit of sharing charging treasures is that they can be rented repeatedly and continue to be profitable. This is also the difference between the sharing economy industry.