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How to do well of investing in powerbank sharing agents in local market?

2023-05-17 15:41:27 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Investors who are familiar with the power bank industry know that there are two main modes of investing in shared powerbanks. One is to pay franchise fees as a direct regional agent, with a relatively high threshold and a relatively long payback period.

The other mode is relatively simple, with a low investment threshold and no agency or franchise fees. You only need to pay the cost price of the equipment to act as an agent. The agent has a 100% profit sharing and an independent management backend, which can independently withdraw and manage equipment, such as STW, which is more suitable for individual entrepreneurs or teams to operate.

1: STW after-sales service provides 24-hour online customer service to handle user issues at any time.

2: Merchants can settle their revenue in seconds and view the details of each transaction, including tax free points, maintenance fees, and other hidden deductions.

3: It is the only true 100% profit settlement mode in the industry that can achieve 100% profit distribution through agents. Currently, in the activity policy, agents only need to purchase equipment directly, without limiting the quantity of goods to be picked up, and they can pick up goods at a lower price.

shared power bank

Fourth: STW has a self built factory, which can strictly control quality and quickly solve after-sales hardware repairs, ensuring the stability of product equipment hardware.

In summary, if you want to join us, you need to have a certain understanding of the project itself and a sufficient understanding of the brand advantages. Choose STW shared powerbank, with guaranteed services and more stable income!

The profitability of power banks rental is evident to everyone, from being denied by the market one by one to major enterprises announcing profits. Many people have come to appreciate the development potential of the sharing industry, which does not require a large amount of manpower and material support, nor does it require opening stores. After the equipment is put into use, it can achieve profits.