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How much is a power bank rental station device?

2023-04-18 14:57:25 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The current situation of power shortage in mobile phones is becoming increasingly serious. Despite significant progress in fast charging technology, fast charging only solves the problem of phone charging speed and cannot solve the problem of phone battery capacity. With the arrival of 5G, data shows that the power consumption speed of 5G mobile phones is 2.5 times that of 4G, so mobile phones will be in a state of power shortage in the short term.

As a product for people to charge their mobile phones in emergency when they go out, many smart people have seen this business opportunity. So, if they want to make money, how much does a power bank rental station device cost?

There are two main types of power bank sharing devices, one is desktop rental power bank. Mainly used at the front desk, the product has the advantage of being suitable for various types of merchants, with lower costs and a payback time of about 2 months.

sharing power bank

Another type is the rental power bank LCD advertising machine, which not only has the function of shared charging, but also has an additional advertising display screen. The products are mainly placed in high-quality places such as stations, hospitals, bars, KTVs, and places with high passenger flow.

The cost of the product is higher, and if the merchant placing it is still good, the payback time is about 2 months.

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