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How much does it cost to invest in power bank sharing rental?

2023-04-14 17:02:22 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Since the introduction of 5G mobile phones, the demand for electricity in mobile phones has been constantly increasing, and it has always been difficult to break through the storage capacity of mobile devices. The cost of graphene batteries is high, making it difficult to achieve large-scale commercialization. The shared charging power bank market will usher in a new peak.

For investors, investing now is a great opportunity. So how much does it currently cost to invest in shared charging power banks?

1. Directly purchasing equipment can purchase a certain amount of equipment according to one's own needs. After placing the equipment on the market, all the profits generated can be obtained. This investment method is relatively stable.

2. Free use of company equipment, but a certain amount of deposit is required. After placing the equipment, 80% to 90% of the profit can be obtained. The company will only extract 10% to 20% of the profit, and the rest belongs to the partners.

power bank sharing

The power bank sharing charging project has stable returns, faster returns, and can easily achieve pipeline returns, making it a favored investment mode for many investors. For some newcomers to the sharing charging power bank industry, do not blindly believe in so-called big brands and directly purchase 30 to 50 units, causing stock hoarding risks, or encountering unreliable brands that cannot make money even if they are sold.

STW power bank shared charging manufacturer provides proxy franchise services for power banks shared, with instant settlement of revenue and daily withdrawals. The withdrawals are received in seconds. Both new and old devices of STW shared charging power bank can be returned universally. Users can charge themselves after purchasing the power bank, factory quality, welcome to learn and consult.