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How can sharing powerbanks bring profits to investors?

2023-04-18 15:00:02 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

I believe everyone is already very familiar with the shared powerbank product, which generally appears in major convenience stores, as well as places such as KTVs, bars, and large restaurants. The characteristic is that the crowd is dense and the flow is very frequent, and many users have charging needs. When they need it, they only need to scan the code to use the rental power bank. After using it, they can find a sharing power bank cabinet elsewhere and return it.

Every time we use a rental power bank, we have to pay a certain cost, which is also the main source of profit for the sharing powerbank. If there is a large amount of traffic in the place where you publish, the benefits will be considerable. If it is a power bank shared station with LCD screen, it will also bring in advertising traffic revenue, which is also a very considerable amount of income!

sharing power bank

Whether it's business, entertainment, or dining. Sharing power bank leasing is a future development trend, so there is a promising market prospect. Based on the current market situation, the comprehensive profit of sharing power bank leasing is generally around 40%. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, and the market situation still needs to be further examined!

Place the rental of shared powerbanks with good profits, such as hospitals, hotels, factories, and university towns! These places have a large flow of people, and renting them out is not a worry!

Although it is necessary for us to purchase machines and distribute goods in order to obtain profits, due to the inherent popularity of this project, we do not need to specifically promote it. Instead, we use the platform to encourage users to actively come to us, not only to find us, but also to give us money. Do you still think it difficult?