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Hotel, a great venue to place power bank rental stations

2023-04-14 16:58:08 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

There are many deployment scenarios for power bank rental stations, and hotels are one of them. The revenue from hotels investing in power banks rental is stable. So today, let's take a look at the advantages of hotels investing in power banks rental?

1. Stable passenger flow

As a accommodation scenario, hotels are one of the services in clothing, food, housing, and transportation, so it can be said that they are a necessity for our daily lives. Each hotel has a stable passenger flow every night, and the power bank sharing stations of hotels are often placed in the hotel lobby, resulting in a stable rental rate.

2. Long lease duration

Power bank shared stations belong to products that are rented and charged on time, so customers need to stay for a long time in order to generate revenue. According to data statistics, many hotel customers rent sharing power banks out of their rooms or use them overnight to return them the next day. Whether they charge out or use them overnight, the rental time is very long. The profits generated in this way will also be very high.

shared power bank

3. High demand for emergency charging

Most people experience anxiety when their phone's battery level drops below 30%, and renting a public power bank is also a necessity. For most people, they are still willing to pay for it to solve their phone's power shortage anxiety. So power bank sharing to placing it in hotels to provide mobile paid charging services for emergency guests, resulting in a great market environment.

4. Easy maintenance

The rental power bank shared needs to be cleaned regularly when it is laid out and placed in a hotel. As a accommodation scenario, the hotel has dedicated personnel to clean it, so the rental power bank sharing usually does not require an agent to maintain it at the hotel's doorstep. Compared to other deployment scenarios, hotel maintenance is simpler.

In summary, if you are working on a rental charger power bank and don't know which merchants are good, you may want to focus on developing hotel merchants and continuously generate profits by investing in shared charging power banks. It is still a very good choice to obtain an additional channel income outside of a stable job.