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Five notes of power bank sharing

2023-04-20 15:56:02 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Sharing fees have become a charging mode in the field of sharing economy. In recent years, many franchisees have been involved in industrial construction. Therefore, as a power bank rental shared agent, in order to gain the benefits of continuous charging, the daily operation of rental charging power banks is very important. What should I pay attention to? Below is an introduction to the daily maintenance work of rental charging power banks.

1. Check the power supply and networking status of the power supply. If there are any abnormalities, please contact the merchant in a timely manner.

2.This product belongs to electronic products, avoiding high temperatures and poorly ventilated environments. Check the heating status of the power box and place it in a ventilated area, which is easy for merchants and users to rent.

sharing power bank

3.Although the product is made of flame-retardant and corrosion-resistant materials, it needs to be regularly cleaned in oily places such as restaurants to facilitate customer experience.

4.For some merchants with high traffic, a single power bank rental may not be enough. For example, if the cabinet is full, the power bank needs to be placed in a nearby empty cabinet for users to return. High traffic merchants can appropriately increase the number of equipment cabinets or increase fees. For some unmanned merchants, it is necessary to retrieve the shared powerbank device and reselect the merchant for placement.

5. When replacing or recycling equipment products, waste products cannot be treated as household waste and need to be uniformly recycled to prevent pollution or threat to the environment.

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