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Can shared battery power banks also play advertise?

2023-04-26 16:11:47 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Shared battery power bank, also known as power bank leasing business, has become one of the few profitable projects in the sharing economy and the most popular sharing project after shared bicycles. It can be seen that the market potential for shared charger power banks is enormous.

At present, almost everyone cannot do without their mobile phones, and there has always been a demand for outdoor charging. Sharing charging power banks are generally placed in commercial centers with high traffic, which can not only meet the needs of outdoor charging in the age of people, but also have great commercial advertising value. Therefore, advertising can be placed. The power bank rental cabinet with advertising screen has become a popular traffic platform for advertisers.

The STW power bank sharing advertising machine combines the product characteristics of the shared power bank and various functions required for outdoor advertising. It uses the power bank rental cabinet, device body, power bank shell, and other parts as the carrier of advertising dissemination, and carries out online and offline combination of mobile payment advertising scene advertising marketing as a brand.

sharing power bank

When the power bank sharing station is placed in places with high traffic such as commercial centers, it will strongly expose the advertisements on the cabinet itself, thereby earning sufficient attention for brand promotion and promotion; When the user uses WeChat/Alipay to scan the code to pay rent and share the power bank, the applet results page can push brand ads, allowing users to interact with the brand in depth. Customized brand themed power bank shells will leave a deeper impression on users when accessing power banks sharing. Online and offline full scene interaction helps the brand reach both C-end and B-end users, achieving good results in word-of-mouth and traffic.

With the rapid development of power banks with advertising screens both domestically and internationally, based on their own advertising scenarios and product advantages, they have become a huge entry point for advertising traffic. The close cooperation between the power bank rental industry and the media industry will provide more valuable scenario marketing for the power bank brand.