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Besides sharing power banks, what can we expect from the future sharing economy?

2023-04-20 16:00:09 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

From the early days of shared bicycles to the current days of shared power banks, some sharing companies have gone bankrupt. The early sharing economy industry was aimed at maximizing product usage, while the current sharing economy has also increased user experience. In order to solve consumer problems, more and more sharing economy products have emerged. So, what sharing economy products do you think will be born in the future?

1. Shared Fund Value

The funds here are not just plain money, they can range from a certain intellectual property right to a certain design or patent, and so on.

2. Shared healthcare/health

Medical health is a concern for everyone. Currently, many medical technology methods are only accessible to a few people. In the future, the sharing of medical equipment and technology may greatly improve the cure rate and prevent poverty caused by illness.

sharing power bank

3. Sharing public resources

Public resources are originally a welfare that serves everyone, but there are often conflicts between resource waste or insufficient use. In the future, I believe that sharing public resources is a good solution!

4. Sharing Skills/Services

There are many technical tutorials on the internet now, but they still cannot accommodate some special skilled talents. In the future, the sharing of skills and service talents, including skill knowledge, service concepts, etc., will be a collaborative and win-win development path.

There will be a lot of space to share, and the blue ocean of the sharing economy is vast. Currently, due to many factors, it has not been infinitely developed. It is believed that in the near future, there will be more and more products of the sharing economy, and people's lives will also be more diverse and colorful.